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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a session?

When the PEMF machine is turned on rubber coils will be placed on and around the body and Electromagnetic pulses will enter the body penetrating up to 16” deep. This pulse will travel through all muscles, tendons, ligaments and even bone. There are different sizes coils for different parts of the body and the “loops” shapes can be manipulated to allow the pulse to enter the body differently. The intensity can be easily controlled with various settings and timing.

Are Shockwave and Laser treatments the same thing? 

Laser will deliver an increased energy to the specific area that it is being used on but can only treat one small area at a time. Lasers also tend to only penetrate a much smaller depth to the body while PEMF can penetrate up to 16”. Due to the smaller area that a laser can treat it can take much longer for a session and to achieve results.  
Shockwave treatments can only be preformed by a licensed veterinarian and requires sedation. This energy is delivered to a very small area and only to certain, specific areas of the body.

What about electromagnetic blankets?

PEMF coils have a more direct impact and are designed to be manipulated to parts of the body such as a hock, hoof or stifle. A PEMF machine will have 10+ setting and can adjusted by the slightest increase or decrease in intensity. A PEMF machine can also allow a visual for where soreness is present in the body by observing muscle fasciculation where an electromagnetic blanket does not. While the electromagnetic blankets are similar to PEMF and they do compliment each other, the design and delivery are different and PEMF can reach a larger and denser areas of the equine body.

When will the results be experienced and how long will they last?

The results can be experienced almost immediately and can continue in the body for up to 72 hours. Depending on the issues and the animal there is no “one size fits all” answer but problems can see improvement within 1-3 sessions. If the issue is chronic or reoccurring it may require more sessions over a longer period of time.

Can I ride my horse before and after a session?

Yes you can! PEMF will help with range of motion, improve stiffness in joints or sore muscles and help relax any tense areas of the body and reduce any stress and anxiety.

What about cats and dogs? Does it help them?

Yes! PEMF can help all animals large and small. A special mat can be placed under an animal which delivers the same electromagnetic pulse as the coils. This can be very beneficial for cats or dogs who are nervous, injured or older and have difficulty moving around.

When can PEMF not be used? 

There are some exclusions when PEMF cannot be used. With animals, PEMF cannot be used if they are pregnant, actively bleeding or have an open wound. For humans, pregnancy, electronic implant device (pace maker etc), receiving chemotherapy or on cancer medications, or an organ donor recipient.
All electronic devices (cell phone, vehicle key fobs etc) need to be a minimum of 10' away.

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